General conditions of the service

ART. 1 - Customers must always get on at the front door and get off at the rear door.
ART. 2 - The customer is required to show the hostess the valid travel document, to be purchased at the authorized sales points. If they do not have one, they must purchase it from the hostess.
ART. 3 - The hostess must validate the ticket and has the right to not admit passengers on board without one or if the customer refuses to purchase one and/or have it validated.
ART. 4 - Getting on and getting off the buses must take place exclusively at the authorized stops, respecting indications.
ART. 5 - Getting on the bus is not allowed if the total maximum number of passengers required by the registration certificate has already been reached.

ART. 6 - Individuals who are unable to walk, wheelchair-bound have the right of free access to the vehicle, provided that the wheelchair dedicated space is not already occupied by another wheelchair-bound individual.

ART. 7 - The travel document is personal and non-transferable and must be kept intact for the whole time of its validity as it has the value of a receipt.
ART. 8 - The customer is required to show the travel document at each check carried out by the staff in charge of control activities who, as such, are protected by art. 336 of the Criminal Code.
ART. 9 - In the event of checks by the staff in charge, the customer is required to produce a personal identity document. If they refuse to provide their personal details to the personnel on inspection, they may request the intervention of the police and the customer will be prosecuted pursuant to art. 651 of the penal code. False declarations of one's own and others' identity will be prosecuted pursuant to art. 496 of the Criminal Code.

ART. 10 - Upon getting on the bus, the passenger must collect a headset from the hostess, which must be used for the entire period of validity of the tour.
ART. 11 - If the customer uses the bus several times, as their right, they will have to reuse the headset which was given them at the time of validation of the ticket, in case of loss they will be required to buy it back from the hostess at a cost of 50 cents.
ART. 12 - At the end of the tour, customers are kindly requested to return the headset to the hostesses.

ART. 13 - Children up to five years of age travel for free, from five to seventeen pay a reduced price ticket of € 9.00.
ART. 14 - Strollers and wheelchairs can be kept open at the wheelchair dedicated space, if present and if available, only if they are positioned in reverse, resting back towards the space, with the wheels locked in place during travel and fixed with safety belt. In case of impossibility to use the space or on vehicles that do not have it, the stroller or wheelchair must always be closed and the child must be held in the parents’ lap. However, the wheelchair-bound individual has precedence regarding the use of the space.

ART. 15 - The transport of small animals, to which a device has been applied (leash and muzzle) is allowed.

ART. 16 - Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of baggage free of charge, provided that the dimensions do not exceed 50x30x25 cm.
ART. 17 - Each passenger must keep their baggage at their feet, making sure that no other passengers are disturbed or obstructed.

ART. 18 - The passenger must give precedence to the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and people with young children.
ART. 19 - If the passenger remains standing, they must hold on to the special handles or handrails and must not stand on the steps at the bus doors. The passenger is required to maintain correct and polite behavior while on the.
ART. 20 - It is absolutely forbidden:

  • Smoking (Law No. 584/75);
  • Get on the vehicle without a validated travel document;
  • Occupy more than one seat;
  • Damage or soil the vehicle of transport and infrastructure;
  • Throw anything on the vehicle;
  • Behave such as to disturb other people;
  • To carry out advertising and commercial activities without the company's consent;
  • Get onto the vehicle in a state of intoxication or under the effect of drugs;
  • Use, without need, of the emergency door opening command;
  • Remain standing if there are free places to sit;

Passengers must also comply with the warnings, invitations and provisions of the Company staff issued for the safety and regularity of the service.
The company declines all responsibility in the event of accidents suffered by passengers who have not complied with the aforementioned provisions.

ART. 21 - The schedules displayed to the public may be subject to change even during the period of their validity. Any changes will be adequately communicated to users through "Public Notices".
ART. 22 - The company declines all responsibility for the consequences deriving from delays or inconveniences to the service that could cause damage to the passengers transported, for reasons not dependent on the will of the company itself or for sudden and unexpected deviations of the route.

ART. 23 - Any objects found on board the buses are deposited at the STAV S.p.A. - Corso Milano n. 168 in Vigevano.
For information, write to detailing lost items.

ART. 24 - Complaints and disputes can be made via the website in the complaints section or by writing to the E-mail address

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