La Scala Opera House

One of Milan’s most fascinating cultural centres and known across the world, La Scala Opera House is certainly one of the finest examples of neoclassical architecture.

The project was championed by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria who entrusted it to the architect of the Habsburg court, Giuseppe Piermarini.

Inside you can admire props from the most important operas, costumes and items worn by the great theatrical, ballet and classical musical performers that have graced the stage over the centuries: from Giuseppe Verdi to Eleonora Duse and Maria Callas, from Puccini to Toscanini.

A memorable experience that also involves a look at the Theatre’s large hall (possibly only in the event that no rehearsals are taking place).

Visitors are requested to respect the rules of the museum in relation to photographs and silence.
Backpacks and bags are not allowed in the museum


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