Leonardo 3

An innovative exhibition that lifts the lid on the real Leonardo da Vinci, artist and inventor, thanks to original reconstructions of his machines and restorations of his paintings, a worldwide first.

Leonardo3 is a unique exhibition because it gathers together an analysis of his manuscripts, reconstructions of his machines and his technological research under one roof. Previously unseen machines are reconstructed for the first time, helping to reveal a hidden dimension to Leonardo.

Each room hosts various models and reconstructions of machines invented by Leonardo. From his flying machine to his mechanical submarine, from his mechanical dragonfly to his time machine. Not forgetting his car, lion, rapid-fire crossbow, cluster bomb, a few musical instruments and a mechanical soldier.

The exhibition is suitable for children of all ages. Each exhibit is accompanied by an interactive multimedia station in order to help both understand it and interact with it. Genuine “interactive experiences”.

As well as the inventor, you can also admire Leonardo the artist. In fact, there are restored paintings and even a digital reconstruction of The Last Supper, which highlights the various phases of restoration that the fresco has undergone over the centuries.