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What are Cookies?

As is common practice with almost all websites, MILAN OPEN TOUR uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are downloaded onto your computer and used to improve your website browsing experience.
This page describes what information is collected, how this information is used and why it is sometimes necessary to use cookies.
After this, there will be an explanation of how to disable cookies and whether this could affect the correct functioning of the website.


How we use Cookies

Cookies are used for a series of functions, as we shall illustrate.
Unfortunately, in most cases there are no standard options for disabling some cookies without completely deactivating the functions and features of the website. We therefore recommend leaving the cookies relative to the services provided by MILAN OPEN TOUR enabled and only disabling those that you are sure will not compromise the regular functioning of MILAN OPEN TOUR.


Disabling Cookies

It is possible to disable cookies by changing your web browser settings (see your web browser guide for instructions). Remember that disabling cookies will impact on the correct functioning of MILAN OPEN TOUR and many other websites. Disabling cookies will limit the functions and features of the website.

Below are links to pages describing how to disable cookies for the main web browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Apple Safari


The Cookies we enable

When you access MILAN OPEN TOUR session cookies are created that will be used for the process of selecting your browser language. Generally speaking, these cookies are automatically eliminated after a short time when you leave the website and close your browser.


Third party cookies

MILAN OPEN TOUR uses third party cookies.
MILAN OPEN TOUR uses Google Analytics, one of the most widely-used and trusted online analytical tools. This analysis service allows us to see how the website is visited and therefore to improve our services. The data supplied by Google Analytics is anonymous and comprises the number of visitors and the web pages visited.

For more information on Google Analytics visit the official Google Analytics page:

To disable Google Analytics cookies visit the following web page:


Advertising cookies

These are the cookies required to create user profiles in order to be able to send advertising messages in line with the preferences demonstrated by the user on the pages of the website. MILAN OPEN TOUR DOES NOT use advertising cookies.


Additional information

We recommend leaving your cookies enabled in order to be able to use all of the functions offered by MILAN OPEN TOUR. If you require additional information you can write to us via our contacts page.





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